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Authors & Books:

Benjamin Hendy
Benjamin Hendy is the author of the first novel we have published, How To Fill A Black Hole. His website features a blog as well as more information about him and his life.

The Beltheron Series by Chris Connaughton
The Beltheron Series is a collection of 3 books by local author Chris Connaughton. Chris’ books are excellent and his website contains free samples of all three and a way to order them.

The Fire Knight Trilogy by Mike Barnes
The Fire Knight Trilogy is an epic, 80s influenced space opera series of books being written by Mike Barnes. The first book is currently 'in production' but Mike's site is adorned with some wonderful illustrations (he's a talented man) and has some early free samples.


Business Links:

SDX Digital Soultions
Affordable website specialists responsible for implementing our website. They specialize in Web Design, Social Media &  SEO.

Gary Frost Design
Award-winning designer Gary Frost produced the brilliant and eye-catching cover for How To Fill A Black Hole. His website shows off his wide ranging portfolio.

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